Interesting Facts about Medicare Supplement Policies

Interesting Facts about Medicare Supplement Policies

There are certain times within the year when many seniors above 65 years of age start to consider an additional health policy. This policy is really profitable for some because it is used to fill loop holes that are not or are not completely insured by Medicare. How much in need are you? If you need to urgently pay for medical expenses, medical visits and medications, take only one of these great policies. Listen, we do not want everyone to have a financial situation that allows us to rely on insurance to insure our living expenses, but a Medicare Supplement insurance policy is a great way to insure the costs you do not really have the means to pay for. Get quotes here   for medicare supplement plans

Obama’s government was in charge of the US government and wanted to deprecate this excellent insurance policy. This will never happen anytime soon, so do not worry about things like “What if you choose to enroll for a policy and Medicare no longer exist in the future?” Medicare program will not be discared in the near future, so you need to get rid of it.

Ask us a question here; What if I told you that I could find the lowest price for a Medicare supplement policy, with the best insurance company? Would you like to apply? I’m sure that if you meet the requirements, the answer to this question will be automatic YES! There is no doubt. Medicare is here to stay, so you can get on board and underwrite a Medicare health insurance policy immediately.

The interesting thing about the supplemental health insurance market is that there are hundreds of brokers that help people like you determine the policy that best suits their needs. Regardless of whether you are on Medicare or your insurance has been rejected with a company in the same month, you can still request a Medicare supplement with a new broker or insurance agency.

Many older people think they have to pay for a service offered by a broker, but this is not the case. The service of a brokerage offer in the Medicare supplement is free for you. They will be paid by the insurance company when you sign up for a policy and there will be no upfront costs. So if you are want to begin an online application for your Medicare supplement plan, do not hesitate to seek for an authorized agent or broker in this department and know the fundamentals of Medicare. This will eventually save you a whole lot later on.

You can opt for a completely different Medigap policy or opt for a Medicare Advantage policy that provides insurance for prescription drugs.  If you choose to get rid of your full Medigap policy, you need to be careful when you want to make a decision. When you sign up for a new Medicare health care policy, you will be charged a late registration fee if one of the following conditions occurs:

  • You dropped all your Medigap policy and your drug insurance was not solvent.
  • Go 63 days or more at a time before starting the new Medicare insurance
  • Call your state’s insurance department.
  • Call your state health care program (SHIP).
  • Find a Medigap policy.

Important terms for the issuers of Medicare Supplement Plan

Good health is a desire of every one. People today know the real meaning of health and cautiously have started taking steps to keep their dreams in check. One habit that one must add in his/her daily life to let last that dream for long is to pay regularly the premium of health insurance.

Medicare supplement plan

Medicare Supplement Plan is an attempt to provide individuals with such facilities and supports that the Original Medicare has failed to provide. Hence, its mission and vision are very clear, i.e. to bridge the fill the void of expectations of people. Development in the health of the population adopting the health insurance has been observed. This policy has proved to be very beneficial regarding the improvement of the health of people.

Significance of the Medicare Supplement Plan

It is provided by the private companies, and they charge their issuers a particular amount of fee or charge for providing their services. Therefore, it is a fee-for-service kind of policy; but indeed, is a very fine policy.

Liberties of Private Company

Every company has their privileges, liberties, and rights to choose such plan as it deemed best for itself and for those issuers it is aiming at. However, there are strict provisions regarding the Plan A. It can’t be deemed unnecessary by any company while providing any plan.

Key policies of the Medicare Supplement Plan-

There are certain policies which one must keep in mind before buying the Medicare Supplement plan. One must check the legality of the person selling it to you. it can only be sold by the person who is legally licensed for doing so; otherwise, not anyone can sell it for individuals. Moreover, it can’t be canceled by the company randomly. It can only be ceased to provide its benefits to individuals when they get failed to pay their premium on time.

It is illegal for anyone to sell you Medicare Advantage Plan if you already possess a Medicare Supplement Plan. One must pay an utmost attention while selecting the two policies as they sound almost similar and may cause confusion.

The Medicare Supplement Plan is totally different from the Medicare Advantage Plan. The former one is known for providing the left-over benefits of the Original Medicare, whereas the latter one has different benefits to provide for its issuers. The Medicare Advantage plans are actually the ways which allow its issuers to enjoy Medicare benefits for individuals.

Medicare Advantage plan and its new policies


Everyone wants good health. They follow their dream of good health by taking several steps. Exercising, dieting, bulking, cutting, jogging etc is the most common words with which people have loaded themselves, and are sweating heavily every day. There is more thing that one must add in his/her daily life to let last that dream for long; it is to pay regularly the premium of health insurance.

                       Medicare advantage plan at                     

Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance plan; it enables individuals to buy such policies which provide its issuers such benefits that original Medicare has failed to provide. It is inevitable to say that the policy has been adopted by the private companies in order to bridge the gap between the benefits provided by the original Medicare and the expectations of the people, and the new policies of the Medicare Advantage plan has successfully stood up to the expectation of the people.

Significance of the Medicare Advantage Plan

It has filed the void that has been left vacant in the list of benefits, provided by the original Medicare. Very sharp spikes have been observed in the health graph of that population which has issued the policy for their betterment.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

Original Medicare

The Original Medicare is popularly known for their plan A and plan B. They are very widely known, liked and hence issued by the people around the world. But, there are many provisions regarding the policy of the Medicare Advantage Plan. One needs to pay a keen attention to the significant ones, before issuing it.

Key policies of the Medicare Advantage Plan

To sell Medicare Advantage plans, one needs to get licensed; the one selling it to you without getting licensed is illegal. You can’t claim the same benefits for long, as signed in the contract at the time of issuing. Therefore, one needs to pay attention to the legality of the person selling it to you, before buying or issuing the policy of Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage plan, popularly known as Medigap, provides guaranteed renewability even if the one issuing it has a health problem. It is one of the finest plans that enable many issuers to continue with this policy.

This policy enables the issuers to re-issue their policy by just paying their premiums at regular intervals of time. Therefore, by adding this particular policy, a company has declared by itself, their inability to cancel an individual’s Medigap policy as long as they continuously make their premium payments.


Medicare Advantage Insurance

Medicare advantage plan is a financial facility that company provides to its issuers. Private companies provide individuals the Medicare Advantage plans along with an agreement on some of their terms and conditions; they charge some amount for their services.

They assure that a patient need not make the whole payment in order to utilize the services of hospitals; rather, the company itself will pay a part of it.

These are such services which a Original Medicare does not provide, or fails to provide. In other words, it is a more refined form of Original Medicare plans.

Original Medicare

Though they cover the most of the significant part, but do not cover everything

Moreover, it has a policy which says that if the issuer is travelling outside the United States than he/she may not be benefitted with any of the discussed services.

The Part A and Part B also does not include some of the prescribed drugs. Though it includes some, but most significant of the drugs still have kept out of the list.

Immunosuppressive drugs, oral anticancer drugs are some of the examples that are included within those services that original Medicare provides.

Funds in Original Medicare

One of the key point which pops most often is where does the Original Medicare get its finance from?

The amount that its issuers pay per month to gain its benefits from its service is its real source of finance, therefore, it can be concluded that it is a fee-for-service king of service; there are many other sources too, one of them is the pay-roll taxes that its workers and employees pay.

How a plan, provided by one country, differs from those provided by other?

The huge and wide-spread web of Medicare in 47 states provides 10 standardized insurance plans. The private insurance companies offerings Medicare Advantage plan, needs not offer every plan; rather, they can be specific and are free to choose to provide any particular plan, according to their will and discretion. The plans that they provide could have nothing in common and may differs completely. However, specifications regarding Plan A are a little bit different, it is mandatory to provide by each and every insurance company, which claims to provide Medicare Advantage plans.  Find one at

There is a certain need to put emphasis on the fact that “part A”, as mentioned by the Medicare, is different from the term, “plan A”.


Medicare Supplement plans (medigap)

Have you frequently been to hospitals lately? Have you been pursuing doctors for your treatments, most often?  If so, you might be well aware of the services that the Medicare Supplement plans offers to their issuers. If not, and if you want to know more about these services then you are at right place.

Medicare supplement plans are such plans which intend to provide an individual many facilities and supports in their health facilities (such financial support which Original Medicare does not provide.)

What is Original Medicare?  Get help here

Original Medicare is a collective name given to the Medicare part A and Medicare part B. It is administered by the federal government; in other words, it is an autonomous body. They have their own policy according to which they assign an individual as “Medicare-eligible-individual” and “Medicare-ineligible-individuals”. The people placed in former categories are assured to be benefitted with certain allowances that reduce their overall financial burden on heath issue.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Insurance

Medicare supplement plan provides you such services with which you need to pay less than that you usually pay. These do not even come with out-of-pocket costs, as though the Original Medicare comes.

It completes the incomplete list of benefits, left by the Original Medicare, in order to satisfy its issuers. It is more popular with its name, “Medigap”, and also with amazing benefits in deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments.

What is not covered under Original Medicare?

There are a lot of things which the Original Medicare, or Part A and Part B, do not cover. This makes it mandatory for the individual to pay attention to its terms before issuing its service to them.

It does not provide any help for the cosmetic surgeries, or such persons who are out of the country at that time. It do not provide assistance for the long term medication problem, for example:- Nursing, or such health related problem which requires constant observation on patient.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan.

Each and every Medicare insurance plan is unique. Every insurance company that provides their Medicare supplement plan offers different basic benefit, which completely depends on the discretion of the insurance company to choose. They are not completely independent to choose a complete unique plan though. It becomes mandatory for them to provide lettered plan with some standardized basic benefits. These standardized basic benefits will be independent of any location that the company may be situated in.

Best medicare supplement plans

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019Identifying the best medicare supplement plans (also called medigaps) is relatively hard especially for those who do not have enough information on how they work. This is because Medicare supplement plans are identical even in different states. For example, the supplement plan B in Kentucky is similar to the supplement plan B in Texas. In this case, you can only rank the medigap based on what they have to offer. As you may have heard, medigap in 2019 are 10 in number. Choosing the best plan is a decision to make after learning them carefully.

How to categorize Medicare supplement plans for 2019

First of all, you need to know exactly what you want your insurance provider to do for you. Medigap insurance serves the purpose of supplementing original Medicare supplement plans A and B. Without these original plans, you cannot qualify for a medigap.

Key points to note

  • All medigaps cover for medicare part A coinsurance and hospital costs.
  • All medigap plans cover for medicare part B coinsurance or copayment. However, plans K and L cover only 50% and 75% respectively.
  • Medicare part A deductible is only fully covered by plans (B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M and N). However, plans K and M only cover 50% while M covers only 75%.
  • Medicare part B deductible is only covered by medigap plans C and F.
  • Skilled nursing facility care coinsurance is covered by all supplement plans except A&B. In addition, Medicare supplement plans K&L only cover 50% and 75% respectively.

Which is the best medicare supplement plan?

Well, this mainly depends on your health insurance requirements. You may also need to put the costs into consideration since you cannot have what you cannot afford. If you want a medigap plan that covers all the benefits, then you should go for supplement plan F. For rates on Medicare supplement plan F in 2019 visit  However, it comes at a cost. Plan F is termed as the most expensive medigap plan. This is because it can cover all the benefits that are not covered by the two original medicare insurance policies.

It is wise to have a second option in mind in case you feel that you cannot afford plan F. For example, plans G and C can serve you in almost the same way as plan F. So, it is only a matter of choice. You can have all the benefits covered for, or prioritize on just a few. The choice is yours to make.