Medicare Advantage plan and its new policies


Everyone wants good health. They follow their dream of good health by taking several steps. Exercising, dieting, bulking, cutting, jogging etc is the most common words with which people have loaded themselves, and are sweating heavily every day. There is more thing that one must add in his/her daily life to let last that dream for long; it is to pay regularly the premium of health insurance.

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Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance plan; it enables individuals to buy such policies which provide its issuers such benefits that original Medicare has failed to provide. It is inevitable to say that the policy has been adopted by the private companies in order to bridge the gap between the benefits provided by the original Medicare and the expectations of the people, and the new policies of the Medicare Advantage plan has successfully stood up to the expectation of the people.

Significance of the Medicare Advantage Plan

It has filed the void that has been left vacant in the list of benefits, provided by the original Medicare. Very sharp spikes have been observed in the health graph of that population which has issued the policy for their betterment.

Medicare Advantage plans 2019

Original Medicare

The Original Medicare is popularly known for their plan A and plan B. They are very widely known, liked and hence issued by the people around the world. But, there are many provisions regarding the policy of the Medicare Advantage Plan. One needs to pay a keen attention to the significant ones, before issuing it.

Key policies of the Medicare Advantage Plan

To sell Medicare Advantage plans, one needs to get licensed; the one selling it to you without getting licensed is illegal. You can’t claim the same benefits for long, as signed in the contract at the time of issuing. Therefore, one needs to pay attention to the legality of the person selling it to you, before buying or issuing the policy of Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage plan, popularly known as Medigap, provides guaranteed renewability even if the one issuing it has a health problem. It is one of the finest plans that enable many issuers to continue with this policy.

This policy enables the issuers to re-issue their policy by just paying their premiums at regular intervals of time. Therefore, by adding this particular policy, a company has declared by itself, their inability to cancel an individual’s Medigap policy as long as they continuously make their premium payments.